Test Yourself Bundle | AICP Planning Exam 4 Study Guides + 2 Practice Exams + 5 Practice Quizzes

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We created the Test Yourself Bundle to help you become a certified planner! Including over 150 pages of all the information you need to know, from planning history to case law, and planning dates to significant people, this package covers it ALL. You will also receive our 2 Practice Exams and 5 Practice Quizzes. That’s 250 AICP Exam practice questions!

These cost-effective resources are yours forever upon purchase, so you can use them while you’re studying and reference them as a professional planner.

GET ALL OF OUR STUDY GUIDE PRODUCTS. This includes the Comprehensive Planning Study GuideCase Law, Acts, & Legislation Study GuidePlanning Timeline Study Guide; and Significant People and Books in Planning ebooks. PLUS our practice exams and quizzes, which are the best way to test your retention.

The study guide package will help you:

  • Understand the fundamental elements a planner must know to work in all areas of planning, develop plans, and engage the public

  • Become an expert on the important pieces of legislation and the court rulings that have impacted the functions of planners

  • Learn about the most important people and written works that have influenced the field

  • Gain context on the important milestones in the planning profession

Our 5 practice quizzes are a great way to quickly test your knowledge and retention across all areas that are tested on the AICP exam. Answer keys are included for each quiz and exam. Each practice exam is 100 questions.

Take the exams to test your knowledge. When you complete the exam, see which questions you got wrong using our answer key. Then, you can use our question breakdown guide to see trends in your wrong answers. These exams will give you an insight into what you need to spend more time studying or show you what you clearly have a good understanding of.